Great again : revitalizing America's entrepreneurial leadership

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  • 作 者:Henry R. Nothhaft
  • 出 版 社:Harvard Business Review Press


Editorial Reviews


“The book is timely, with contemporary examples, yet the advice given is timeless.” “Nothhaft’s honesty, fair approach, and practicality are refreshing.” “Highly recommended.” - CHOICE magazine

“Seldom do we see such clearly articulated and forcefully substantiated arguments. Nothhaft's insight, passion, intelligence and practicality is to be admired. It's one of the most compelling and vital things I've read in quite a while . . .” - American Express Open Forum

“a clear-eyed, sober and well researched assessment of how we can bring innovation back into the economy, begin creating jobs and restore the middle class in this country.” - 800CEOREAD

“an essential read for innovators, business people, patent attorneys and anyone at all interested in a bright economic future for the United States” - IP Watchdog

“an eye-opening and important book” - Manufacturing and Technology News

Great Again hits the bull’s-eye on how to kick-start job creation and rebuild middle-class prosperity in America. The book truly transcends the sterile left-versus-right divide with honesty, facts, and plain good sense. Here’s the solution we’ve been waiting for.” - Pat Choate, economist, policy analyst, and author, Saving Capitalism: Keeping America Strong

“When Hank Nothhaft says, ‘I am the son of a steelworker, and I did not work my whole life creating jobs and wealth just to spend my golden years in some Banana Republic of Silicon Valley,’ we hear a powerful voice speaking up for all Americans. Whether you’re on the left or the right, this book makes uncommonly good sense. Plus, it’s a terrific read.” - Eric Hippeau, CEO, the Huffington Post

“At a time of growing concern over where the jobs, jobs, and jobs will come from, Great Again reminds us of the central role of start-ups in job creation. It persuasively documents how our regulatory, tax, immigration, patent, and other government R&D policies have not only seriously impaired the growth of start-ups, but the whole job-creation process in America.” - Peter G. Peterson, former U.S. Secretary of Commerce and Chairman, Peter G. Peterson Foundation

“At last, a truly breakthrough book charting the only realistic course for American resurgence. Relying on facts instead of ideology, start-up CEO Henry Nothhaft and investigative journalist David Kline have done more for our country’s future in this short book than Congress has in years of hearings. The stories here are deeply moving, and I was frankly overwhelmed by the authors’ candor, sense of fairness, and basic good sense—qualities that have all but disappeared from American public discourse. If this book does not grab you by the throat, nothing will.” - Paul R. Michel, retired Chief Judge, U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit

“This is an important book. Great Again describes policy changes that will help keep America competitive, growing, and strong.” - Curt Carlson, CEO, SRI International (formerly the Stanford Research Institute)

“At a time when its competitive position is under siege from emerging economic powers, America requires an insightful and compelling call to arms from an experienced messenger that refocuses our policy makers on what is really at stake in revitalizing innovation and nurturing start-ups. There is no one more qualified to be that messenger than Hank Nothhaft. This is a visionary book.” - Richard Hart, Managing Director, Deutsche Bank Technology Group

“At last we hear the true voice of start-up entrepreneurs—the men and women who create the jobs and breakthrough innovations that power American economic growth. Hank Nothhaft’s message in Great Again will be embraced by people coast to coast, no matter what their political persuasion is. Let’s hope the politicians are listening.” - Jeff Brody, Founding Partner, Redpoint Ventures

“Jobs, jobs, jobs—it’s all about jobs. For this reason, Great Again is an absolute must-read. Why? Because Hank Nothhaft has left the politics and ideology to the talking heads and laid out practical, honest, concrete, and sensible ideas for rebuilding our economic vitality, our middle class, and our democratic society.” - Kevin Rivette, author and IP strategist, 3LP Advisors

About the Author

Henry R. Nothhaft is a successful serial entrepreneur and advocate of smart innovation policies in Washington, D.C. A graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy and a former Marine Corps officer, he is the former CEO of Tessera, a technology-miniaturization firm. David Kline is a Pulitzer Prize–nominated journalist who has also authored several highly regarded books on innovation policy.