Brand valued: how socially valued brands hold the key to a sustainable future and business success

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  • 作 者:Guy Champniss
  • 出 版 社:Wiley


Editorial Reviews


'The premise of Brand Valued is a worthy and interesting addition to the canon and provides some answers to the question: 'What should the brand be in society today? ' 
(Merry Baskin, Market Leader, Oct 2012)

'There's no shortage of books on branding or sustainability, but this is the first I've come across that demonstrates how branding fits into the sustainability debate, and indeed hypothesises that brands have a key role in sustainability' 
(Helen Murdoch, Marketing Society, 2011)

'This book is a neat side step to propose Social Capital as a more fundamental and enduring way forward to achieving true Sustainability... Brand Equity demands that you put your brain in gear and start thinking about the role brands have in helping to solve the world's problems.' 
(Helen Murdoch, Marketing Society, 2011)

'Brand Valued is an essential read for anyone wanting their brand not just to survive, but thrive, in future markets as the sustainable agenda becomes increasingly important. It challenges brands to change their outlook on sustainability and take a more active role.'
(Lorna Taylor, CSRInternational, Nov 2012)

' of the more thought-provoking reads on the significance of sustainability to brand owners...offers invaluable ways to think about brands.' (Director, July 2011).

From the Inside Flap

Part historical review of the birth, role and near-death of brands; and part prescriptive guide for the potential re-birth of brands in the 21st century, Brand Valued creates a unique perspective from which to see how our branded world got to how it is today, and how it could get us to something eminently glorious tomorrow.

Drawing on proprietary data on more than 100 brands gathered from talking with more than 25,000 consumers worldwide, Brand Valued reflects on consumer behaviour trends, presents the next generation of brand management strategy frameworks and offers a glimpse into how brands have in front of them a once-in -a -lifetime opportunity to become engines of social and corporate value. To become brands that rather than hedge against the long-term health of society, actually invest with society. To become Social Equity Brands.

In this emerging Era of Social Capital Rising, whatever business you're in, to build a brand that delivers long-term value to your business, requires you to build a brand that is enduringly valued by all. Measuring brand value is not enough - instead you have to ask, ‘Is ours a brand that is valued?'

"I would recommend any brand owner to take note of the Brand Valued concept and make the thinking an integral part of their strategy."
Peter Paul van de Wijs. Managing Director, Business Role Focus Area, World Business Council for Sustainable Development.

"Brand valued? The answer to this singularly profound question will determine not only the future of brands and the brands of the future, but it will also define the social capital - the lifeblood of brands - in which they trade. Brand Valued engagingly arms us with the arguments and tools to answer this question."
Ron Vandenberg. Co-Founder, FutureBrand & Merchant

"The economy of the future will be one in which the successful, valued, brands, products and services focus on maximising outputs of wellbeing per unit of planet input. In Brand Valued Guy and Fernando give us a valuable insight into this new world."
Jules Peck. Author, nef Trustee and creator of the ‘Flourish' wellbeing innovation process.