Taming the beast : Wall Street's imperfect answers to making money

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  • 作 者:Larry Light
  • 出 版 社:Wiley


Editorial Reviews

From the Inside Flap

Value investing, hedging, growth investing, passive indexing, active indexing, fixed assets, REITs, MPT, momentum, chartism, behaviorism . . . the second half of the twentieth century spawned a multitude of investing approaches, each with its legion of true believers who passionately defend it as the last word in mastering the market. And with good reason: each approach has worked extremely well for its adherents—except when it didn't.

If the 2008 financial crisis taught us anything, it's that when it comes to taming the beast of Wall Street, all solutions are imperfect solutions. Every approach has its fundamental strengths and weaknesses. And the most successful investors are those who author Larry Light calls "ambidextrous"—investors who pay no allegiance to one particular orthodoxy but who possess the wherewithal and agility to take advantage of the best aspects of each.

Part compelling narrative history, part nuts-and-bolts investing guide, Taming the Beast puts you on the road to becoming just such an ambidextrous investor by getting you up to speed on all the major investing approaches. Each chapter zeroes in on one approach, telling the story of its origins and evolution. Light carefully examines an approach from every angle, assessing its various strengths and weaknesses and explaining how and when it makes sense to use it. And he offers valuable pointers on how to combine aspects of several approaches to forge an investment strategy that will work for you.

Throughout, Larry enlivens the coverage with fascinating profiles and fun facts about such investment luminaries as Ben Graham, Thomas Price, Bill Gross, Jeremy Siegel, Lewie Ranieri, Michael Milken, and dozens more. For instance, did you know that Alfred Winslow, father of the hedge fund, was a Soviet spy before converting to capitalism; or that John Templeton, founder of Templeton Growth Fund, the first foreign asset fund, was once busted for vagrancy for sleeping in a Bulgarian park; or that Lewie Ranieri, the brash, blue-collar genius behind the mortgage-backed securities craze, now runs a program dedicated to rescuing distressed homeowners from foreclosure?

While the investing philosophies described can be complex at times, the takeaways from Taming the Beast are fairly straightforward: successful investors always are intimately involved with their investments; they are always up on events, in and beyond the financial markets; they are flexible, disciplined, and canny enough to know when to hold 'em and when to fold 'em; and, finally, they are keenly aware of both the sweet promises and bitter shortcomings at the heart of every ingenious method mere mortals have ever devised for taming the beast of Wall Street.

From the Back Cover


"Larry Light has been reporting on and writing about Wall Street and its players for many years, and that experience is clearly evident in this well written, highly readable book. Larry takes the reader through the various investment strategies that fueled the big bull—and bear—markets of the past several decades, analyzes their strengths and weaknesses, and provides more than enough information to allow investors big and small to make intelligent choices about how best to manage their own portfolios in these turbulent times."—A. GARY SHILLING, President, A. Gary Shiling & Co., Inc.

"Larry Light's Taming the Beast is one of the best books yet that helps explain the growth and history of the financial markets over the past thirty years. The book deserves space on one's bookshelf as it offers an excellent history lesson for both the experienced and novice investor."—JEFFREY RUBIN, Director of Research, Birinyi Associates, Inc.

"Larry Light's Taming the Beast is a first-rate contemporary read on making money in a variety of markets in the post-crash era."—DAVD N. DREMAN, Chairman and Managing Director, Dreman Value Management, LLC